The hair type of an individual can usually indicate which race a person is.  According to the Arab scholars of the past, this was one of the factors that drew apart the Arab and non Arab race.

Ibn Qutaibah Ibn Jawaaliqy the author of Sharh Adab Al Kitaab said, ” Kinky/wooly hair is from the Arabs and lank/straight hair is from the Ajam. … lank/ straight hair is most prevalent amongst the non Arabs of Rome and Faaris(Persia) and kinky / wooly hair is most prevalent amongst the Arabs.

الجعد من العرب والسبط من العجم...شعره جعدا غير سبط لأن السبوطة غالبة على شعورالعجم من الروم والفرس وجعودة الشعرهي الغالبة على شعورالعرب

شرح أدب الكاتب لابن قتيبة ( ص 242 ) ابن الجواليقي (466 – 540 هـ = 1073 – 1145 م) قَدَّمَ لهمصطفى صادق الرافعي

الناشر: دار الكتاب العربي، بيروت



In Al Faaiq fee Ghareeb AlHadeeth page 444 , Abu AQaasim Mhmood ibn Umar Al Zamkashri ( 467) he says, ”The predominant hair texture type amongst the Arabs is wooly hairand amongst the non Arabs is lank hair.

الغالب علي العرب جعودة الشعروعلي العجم سبوطته


Ibn Mandhoor , author of Lisaan Al Arab reiterates this in his book in chapter 3 page 122 .

 ” Wooly hair is other than lank hair: because lank hair is most dominant in the hair of the non Arabs from Rome and Persia, And kinky hair is most dominant amongst the Arabs

 شعره جعدا غير سبط ؛ لأنسبوطة الشعرهي الغالبة على شعورالعجم من الروم والفرس .وجعودة الشعرهي الغالبة عل ىشعورالعرب



Narration of Umm Salamah Hadith 603 in the Ibn Maajah

I said, ”O Messenger of Allah! I am a woman with tightly braided hair, should I undo them when I take a bath to cleanse myself from the state of sexual impurity?” He said: “Rather it is sufficient for you to pour three handfuls of water over them, then pour water over yourself, and you will be purified,” or he said: “In that case you would have become purified.”

عن عبد الله بن رافع مولى أم سلمة عن أم سلمة قالت قلت يا رسول الله إني امرأة أشد ضفر رأسي فأنقضه لغسل الجنابة قال لا إنما يكفيك أن تحثي على رأسك ثلاث حثيات ثم تفيضين عليك الماء فتطهرين

It is inconceivable for anyone to believe that Umm Salamah (May Allah be pleased with her) , had lank hair from this narration as lank hair, when tightly braided would undo at the slightest touch of water or when running hands through it. She would not have asked this question if she had lank hair.



Narration about Aamir – Ibn  Tareekh At Tabary , Chapter 3 page 519

”And he was the hairiest of the Arabs . He used his clam straps as a turban and had four braids on his head that were erect as if they were goats horns.”

وكان أكثر العرب شعرا ومعجرته نسعة بعيره ولرأسه أربع ضفائر قد قمن قياما كأنهن قرون الوعلة

It is not possible for anyone with lank hair to do this without the use of chemical aids.