More on Musa ( Moses ) alayhi As Salaam

Just about every scholar you can think of understood that Moses was Jet black in complexion and that the meaning of Adam Shadeed Al Udmah means jet black.

Tafseer Ibn Jazi At Tasheel Lia’loom

”Verily when Joseph alayhi As Salaam died Firaun ( The Phaorah) took over the Children of Israel and enslaved them until Allah saved them on the hand of Moses, and the time between in which Joseph entered Egypt and the day in which Moses entered was 400 years. And Moses pulled his hand out and it was was white, and Moses peace be upon him was Shadeed Al Udmah [ Jet black ] so he (Moses) showed his hand to Firaun then he inserted it into his pocket, then he pulled it out and it was intensely white, like the whiteness of sour milk or even whiter. It is said that it was as illuminated as the sun then it returned to the colour of his body (his original colour) for the onlookers…”

تفسير ابن جزي التسهيل لعلوم او هن

أنه لما توفي يوسف عليه السلام غلب فرعون على بني إسرائيل واستعبدهم حتى أنقذهم الله على يد موسى، وكان بين اليوم الذي دخل فيه يوسف مصر واليوم الذي دخله موسى أربعمائة عام ونزع يده فإذا هي بيضاء وكان موسى عليه السلام شديد الأدمة [السواد] فأظهر يده لفرعون ثم أدخلها في جيبه، ثم أخرجها وهي بيضاء شديدة البياض كاللبن أو أشد بياضا، وقيل: إنها كانت منيرة شفافة كالشمس، وكانت ترجع بعد ذلك إلى لون بدنه للناظرين